October Launch: Guest Editors Marie-Pier Boucher and Patrick Harrop: According to Simondon, technical and religious thought results from the unfolding of magical thought. Whereas an aesthetic engagement holds the potential for reticulating the magical state of primitive unity. In this perspective, aesthetics does not unfold. Rather, it operates horizontally, and maintains the function of totality in a field of reality that tends to diverge as it gets specialized. Aesthetics is therefore never determined; it is a tendency that holds the power of reticulation.

The issue concentrates on aesthetics in action. We are seeking rigorous and thoughtful philosophical contributions that, in addition to enlightening some key concepts and strategies introduced by Simondon’s work, make operative the reticulation process(es) effected by aesthetics. Given that, we are interested in contributions that explore the relationships between technical concretization and operative aesthetics. Specifically, we are looking for contributions that focus on contemporary techniques that explore the potential for philosophy, here considered as a creative practice, that generates, propels and expands the “already begun” artistic act. We especially encourage work that evolves through cross-disciplinary collaborations between art, science and technology. In that regard, the intertwining between philosophical and artistic practices hold the potential to effect a social and/or political difference. We are also keen to receive contributions that enlighten the potential for aesthetics to operate a reconfiguration and/or to generate a difference in science practices.